When failure becomes a mark of success

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer knows a thing or two about home runs. He should. He’s given up more than 500 long balls during his 24-year Major League career.

In fact, Moyer is on the verge of breaking the late Robin Roberts’s record for homers surrendered – 505. 

“I’m not proud of this,” the 47-year-old Moyer told The Wall Street Journal

But, as the Journal points out in this piece reminiscent of Moyer’s artful approach to pitching, the record he’ll soon set is actually a mark of greatness:

“The pitcher at the top of the list, Mr. Roberts, who died this month, is in the Hall of Fame. So are Nos. 3 (Ferguson Jenkins), 4 (Phil Niekro) and 5 (Don Sutton),” writes the Journal. “Giving up that many home runs is a testament to longevity, a sign Mr. Moyer must have been doing something right to hang around this long. Indeed, he has the most wins, 263, of any active pitcher.”

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