Down and out in Port Royal

Officials in Port Royal are cautiously optimistic about having landed a buyer for the town’s port and adjoining land – to the point of hyperbole, it would seem.

The S.C. State Ports Authority signed a letter of intent Feb. 5 to sell the property, though officials have declined to release the potential buyer’s name and other details until after the deal has been finalized.

Officials put the timetable for completion of the sale, which was mandated by the state legislature in 2004, at six to nine months.

But town leaders are wary about getting their hopes up.

“For the last 100 years, every time Port Royal has been on the cusp of something big something has happened,” Port Royal Town Manager Van Willis told the Charleston Regional Business Journal. “We’ve had a famine or a hurricane, and, during the last sale attempt, we were hit with the economic downturn.”

Famine? Did Port Royal, or anywhere in South Carolina, for that matter, have a famine sometime in the past century and I missed it?

Not saying it didn’t happen, but famines are generally pretty well reported upon and a cursory search through the Internet doesn’t show anything regarding famines in Port Royal or the surrounding areas anytime recently.

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