A way to help those in Haiti

From the Charleston Daily Photo:

Isn’t this Haiti business a sad mess? I donated a bit to Water Missions International in their name. At least I know and trust the organization and they have water purification systems made and ready to be shipped. They shipped two systems to Haiti Wednesday. Ten more go tonight and another ten more this weekend. If you are looking for a place to donate – you can’t go wrong with clean water.

Charleston-based Water Missions International describes itself as a Christian, nonprofit organization that provides clean, safe water to people in developing countries and disaster areas through a variety of technologies. Its goal is to provide sustainable access to safe water so that no person should perish for want of safe drinking water.

With tens or even hundreds of thousands injured and potentially more than a million homeless, Haitians can use every bit of help they can get right now.

(Hat tip: Waldo Lydecker’s Journal)