Just who’s trying to ‘hack & own’ whom?

Radical Islam represents a far greater threat to America than most of us realize. Why, just this week Osama bin Laden’s minions apparently hacked into the campaign website of South Carolina Lt. Governor candidate Bill Connor.

A screenshot of Connor’s website Tuesday morning showed the following: “This is hacked & owned … by Dr. Hiad” in the green, red and white colors used on the flags of several Middle Eastern countries, according to WIS.

Ah, yes, “hacked & owned” – a rallying cry of Muslims since the days of Saladin.

“We are investigating the breach,” Connor campaign spokesman Joshua Gross told FITSnews. “Obviously it’s Islamic in nature so we’re assuming it’s related to his service in Afghanistan.”

Yes, obviously Islamic, and obviously extremely crafty and nefarious, to boot.

Conner, a Columbia attorney and Lt. Colonel who served in Afghanistan, took the opportunity to set up and knock down a veritable army of Islamic straw men.

“From Garmsir to Fort Hood, we face in radical Islam an enemy whose attacks range from petty web hacks to mass murder,” Connor said. “What was done to our campaign website is nothing compared to the real damage that Islamists can do to kill our citizens and undermine our laws and Constitution. We have seen that in attacks against US soldiers and civilians alike around the globe.”

However, a computer expert contacted by The Associated Press who studied the site says the alterations are similar to those made about 4,500 times elsewhere on the Web.

Ray Dickenson of the technology security firm Authentium also says the alterations do not appear to have any political content in them.

But then again, The Associated Press, Ray Dickenson and technology security firm Authentium are all probably fawning lickspittles of bin Laden and other Middle Eastern extremists, willing to do whatever it takes to bring down budding political giant Bill Connor.

Seriously, can anyone running for statewide office really be so stupid as to believe that Islamic extremists give a hoot about the South Carolina Lt. Governor’s race, whether or not one of the candidates served overseas?

Better yet: Can anyone running for statewide office really think they can fool South Carolinians into believing radical Muslims give a hoot about the S.C. Lt. Governor’s race?

This is the kind of inanity that would derail the average person’s bid to win election to something as mundane as the local water and soil conservation board, never mind the second-highest elected office in the state.

4 thoughts on “Just who’s trying to ‘hack & own’ whom?

  1. KD

    It’s really dangerous for someone with your position to continue this personal vendetta. Your posts on this blog and fits are inappropriate for you, especially from your work computer. There are a number of people in Cola that would be shocked at this and make appropriate moves.

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  3. Muslim terrorists have been heavily involved in hacking for quite some time now–from what I’ve read here and there over the years.

    If a Muslim hacker did it, it was surely just coincidence that he came across Connor’s site as opposed to many other politicians’ sites out there.

    However, while the case may have been overstated somewhat by Connor’s campaign, in general, the radical Muslims ARE out to get us (due to whatever motives one may wish to attribute to them). The hacker may have gone to all the trouble to actually hack into Connor’s site due to his military background prominently on display there.

  4. Some very interesting and valid points regarding Mr. Connor and his over-dramatic reaction to the hacking of his political webpage. By immediately assuming that an Islamic group was “out to get him” he is displaying his ignorance regarding cross-cultural and religious differences between the Islamic world and those of the United States. People like Connor are the citizens who continue to fuel the fire of ignorance that only serves to create more conflict and tension between the United States and other foreign nations.

    I’m not saying that a radical Muslim group did not hack into Mr. Connor’s site. It is certainly a possibility. But frankly, I think the Islamic world has bigger fish to fry than to meddle with a candidate’s webpage for South Carolina lieutenant governor. Like Mr. Dietrich quoted, 4500 other websites unrelated to Mr. Connor or the political race were also hijacked.

    It’s rather pathetic for Connor to use the infiltration of his website as a way to rally support from voters, as if it were some personal attack.

    I’m going to guess that if this was a radical Muslim group, they don’t have a list of every U.S. soldier that has served in Afghanistan, much less have they the interest to track down one man and take the time to hack into his candidate site.

    Finally, by comparing the infiltration of his website to the various terrorist attacks that have cost the lives of many globally, his comparison serves only to trivialize those deaths and the problem of terrorism itself.

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