Palmetto Scoop taken to the woodshed


Waldo Lydecker’s Journal does an amazing (and quite humorous) job dissecting a post by The Palmetto Scoop’s Adam Fogle on a new book about South Carolina state parks, authored by Chad Prosser, the director of the SC Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Fogle’s latest windmill-tilting exercise aimed at Prosser alleges a variety of affronts to humanity, such as the book being possibly funded by taxpayers and Prosser possibly getting a cut of the profits.

And, of course, as Waldo points out, no story on Prosser or Parks, Recreation and Tourism is complete without mention of the PRT-funded “South Carolina is So Gay” ad campaign that Fogle so adroitly uncovered last year, saving the Palmetto State from being inundated by hordes of gay Britons.

Waldo’s post is detailed and well researched – something Fogle’s work could benefit from – but rather than recap the entire piece, let’s just look at the opening paragraphs. You may not read anything better this week:

Boy Fogle roused himself yesterday to produce a blog post of genius-level obfuscation.

It calls to mind director Billy Wilder’s advice to another enfant terrible auteur – Orson Welles – after the premiere of Citizen Kane: “Give it up, kid. It’s all downhill from here.”

Fogle’s post’s a mashup of some of the characters in his personal version of Stephen Colbert’s On Notice/Dead To Me board, and filled with his patented stick-rattling in an empty swill bucket to gin up the animal spirits; flights of fantasy to rival a Busby Berkeley production number; reminders of his own importance; homophobia; and a goodly dollop of hypocrisy.

But the question that will set scholars debating for generations is this: to conjure this sublime mix, was he just being a lazy blogger; a prevaricator; or telling lies?

Of course, it’s unlikely Waldo will get a response from Fogle, but the SC blogosphere could certainly benefit from more fisking and accountability all the way around.

2 thoughts on “Palmetto Scoop taken to the woodshed

  1. “the SC blogosphere could certainly benefit from more fisking and accountability all the way around”

    Too true. Sadly the biggest (read: funded) bloggers aren’t held accountable by the people they work for.

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