Foundering First National changes CEOs


First National Bank of the South, the Spartanburg, SC-based subsidiary of embattled First National Bancshares, replaced chief executive  Jerry Calvert with J. Barry Mason Tuesday.

Mason joins First National from Arthur State Bank where he was executive vice president, chief lending officer and a member of its board of directors, First National said in a statement.

“Barry Mason brings rich experiences in financial services leadership, particularly in capital and credit, which are significant to the needs of First National,” said First National Bancshares Chairman C. Dan Adams in a statement. “As the Bank completes its 10th year of operations, Mason is undertaking a new vision of leadership to promote success at First National.”

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Harrell lackey labeled as ‘vandal’


Apparently, being one of Bobby Harrell’s lapdogs isn’t enough to keep you out of hot water with Wikipedia.

Over this past weekend, the online encyclopedia labeled the efforts of a certain Foster6685 to sugar coat the House speaker’s Wikipedia entry as “vandalism.” While Wikipedia doesn’t specifically identify who Foster6685 is, Harrell’s right-hand man is an individual named Greg Foster.

In addition to puffing up Harrell’s biography with a hagiography that would have made Mother Theresa blush, Foster6685 also deleted factual information from Harrell’s Wikipedia biography detailing the speaker’s issues with Gov. Mark Sanford and their different approaches to economic development.

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Speculators still gambling on GM stock


General Motors stock remains popular, which is surprising given that the company and the government have made it clear that the stock will someday be worthless.

Investors are picking up millions of shares every day, thinking they’ll profit from what is really a hodgepodge of outdated factories and a pile of debt left behind when the new General Motors Co. exited bankruptcy court protection, according to USA Today.

“GM and federal regulators say they have done all they can to warn investors, giving old GM the appropriate moniker of Motors Liquidation Co., issuing multiple public warnings and changing the stock symbol from GMGMQ to MTLQQ.PK,” the paper reported.

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