Irony, thy name is stimulus


One of the more amazing (and discouraging) aspects of the federal stimulus program is the wide array of projects included on the ever-growing wish list.

The many thousands of projects nationwide include everything from infrastructure enhancement and economic development to broadband access and hazardous waste cleanup.

And while overall the entire plan is nothing more than generational theft masuarading as a government-mandated spending spree, at least one project brings a bit of irony with it.

In Arizona,  state transportation officials are getting ready to spend $1.5 million in stimulus money to replace metric signs along Interstate 19 with mileage signs, according to The Arizona Daily Star.

The signs marking kilometers instead of miles were first installed in Arizona the early 1980s when I-19 and a handful of other roads were signed in metric as the country considered a full conversion.

That conversion hasn’t happened, the paper helpfully adds.

Hey, it was a waste to put up the metric markers in the first place, and the ongoing stimulus program is a waste, albeit a much, much larger one, so the whole thing makes perfect sense.

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