Bill Connor is all about … Bill Connor


A good rule of thumb around election time is beware of candidates who insist on portraying themselves as “political outsiders,” even while they’re busy employing every insider trick they can find.

Case in point: Bill Connor, the Columbia attorney who is running for South Carolina lieutenant governor.

Last week, when former SC House member Ralph Norman confirmed his candidacy for the same position, Connor issued a press release ostensibly welcoming Norman to the race. In reality, it was nothing more than Connor using the occasion as an excuse to do something he’s very good at – patting himself on the back.

The first line of the release began “Bill Connor released the following statement today… ,” helpful for anyone who somehow missed the giant bold-faced, all-caps headline “BILL CONNOR WELCOMES RALPH NORMAN TO LT. GOV. RACE.”

After a paragraph in which Connor talked about his desire to “keep personal attacks out of the race entirely” (how big of him), he concluded with a nearly 100-word paragraph about himself, touching on his military rank, including his service overseas and decoration, his job as a corporate defense attorney in Columbia, his position as chairman of private Christian school in Orangeburg, his graduation from The Citadel and USC Law School, the fact he’s been married for 18 years, the names of his three children, and the name of the church they attend in Columbia.

One shudders to think at how long the press release would have been if Connor had actually had some genuine non-military accomplishments to brag about.


2 thoughts on “Bill Connor is all about … Bill Connor

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