Synovus underscores commitment to SC


Kudos to Synovus Financial Corp. for its decision to consolidate its call center operations in Sumter County, SC.

The $1.7 million call center will add 100 jobs and serve customers of Synovus and subsidiary National Bank of South Carolina, according to a SC Department of Commerce press release.

The move has special significance for the area because National Bank of South Carolina was started in Sumter in 1905 and called the community home for most of its history before it was acquired by Columbus, Ga.-based Synovus in 1995.

NBSC has long been one of Synovus’ biggest and most profitable subsidiaries. Today, it has more than $5 billion in assets and serves more than two dozen South Carolina communities.

NBSC has played a significant role in Synovus since its acquisition nearly 15 years ago. Former NBSC chief executive Fred Green is now president and chief operating officer of Synovus.

Synovus has $36 billion in assets and 330 offices spread among South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. Its decentralized operating structure has long stood in sharp contrast to that of other large financial service companies such as Bank of America and Wachovia.

It’s nice to see a Fortune 500 company like Synovus that understands the role rural America played in helping it get to where it is today, and is willing to give a little back in return.


3 thoughts on “Synovus underscores commitment to SC

    • Yes, one share of Synovus stock is deposited into a secret offshore investment account every time I write a positive article about the company.

      That means I’m $3.51 richer after today. Woo-hoo!

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