Columbia airport among most expensive


Forbes magazine is reporting that Columbia Metropolitan Airport was the third-most expensive airport for commercial airline passengers last year, according to a story in The State.

“In an article headlined ‘America’s Rip-Off Airports,’ Forbes calculated that the average fare per mile at Columbia costs 39 cents,” The State reported. “That was 9 cents below the nation’s highest average fare of 48 cents a mile at Cincinnati, and 2 cents lower than Traverse City, Mich.’s 41 cents.”

The State went on to say that the Forbes’ report “debunked the perception that travelers can save money by catching a flight at Douglas International in Charlotte.”

“The average air fare per mile at Charlotte was 37 cents, a penny lower than Columbia,” the article said.

A key difference between Charlotte and Columbia, however, is that Charlotte has a significantly greater number of direct flights, which is a key concern to individuals traveling on business.

That’s one of the reasons Columbia has had a hard time luring Fortune 500 companies when they have considered relocating their corporate headquarters.

No corporate bigwig wants to have to catch connecting flights every time he or she has to head out to the West Coast or up to most Eastern or Midwestern cities of any size.

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