Race game helps those keeping pot stirred


If, as attorney general Eric Holder said recently, the US is “a nation of cowards” when it comes to race relations, it’s because attempts at rational and logical discussion regarding the issue have been drowned out beneath the organized hysteria of race hustlers and others with something to gain by keeping the racial pot stirred.

No one in their right mind believes we don’t still have residual problems related to race that need to be addressed. But the belief that the US is still two countries segregated by skin color, even if unofficially, is ridiculous.

Walter Williams has an outstanding column here that looks at the fact that “just because some activity is not racially integrated does not mean that it is racially segregated.”

Williams adds: “The bottom line is that the civil rights struggle is over and it is won. At one time black Americans didn’t share the constitutional guarantees shared by whites; today we do.”

One often gets the impression that many liberal whites, black politicians and assorted race activists would gladly forsake the freedom of association aspect of our Constitution if it helped them achieve their political goals and, of course, put a few more dollars in their pockets.


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