US Cotton production expected to fall in 2009


US producers plan to plant 8.11 million acres of cotton this spring, a 14 decrease from last year and a continuation of a trend that began in 2007, according to Southeast Farm Press.

The figures comes from a National Cotton Council survey mailed to producers in mid-December. The Council held its 71st Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, earlier this week.

Based on survey results, all four US regions show intended upland cotton planting area decreases compared with last season, according to the National Cotton Council. 

The West and Mid-South show the largest percentage drops of 31 and 23 percent, respectively. Smaller reduction of 18 and 9 percent are expected in the Southeast and Southwest, respectively.

Most Southeastern states, the National Cotton Council reported, expect to see significant declines in cotton acreage in 2009:

  • South Carolina plans a cutback of 18 percent as growers shift primarily to soybeans.
  • Alabama reports a projected reduction of 33 percent;
  • Virginia anticipates a 23 percent decline;
  • Georgia expects cotton production to be off 17 percent;
  • North Carolina plan a cutback of 12 percent;
  • Florida was the only Southeastern state to indicate an upland expansion, with an increase of 3 percent expected for 2009.

Globally, world cotton production is projected to fall 4.3 million bales to 105.5 million bales – the smallest crop since 2003, according to National Cotton Council Economist Dr. Gary Adams.

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