People unclear on the concept


Here’s a marketing concept that may not have been thought out completely.

AAA Carolinas is expanding its ad campaign warning drivers of the dangers of distracted driving with …. billboards!

In fairness to AAA Carolinas, the organization is focusing on warning drivers about the possible consequences of driving while using a cell phone or texting, but wouldn’t throwing up a giant billboards that seeks to catch a driver’s eye also prove distracting?

Perhaps the idea is to add more realism, as in, “Hey, look at that dolt over there. He just looked away from the road at one of our billboards, lost control of his car and plunged down a ravine, to a fiery death. Don’t be like him!”

Subtle, yet effective.

One thought on “People unclear on the concept

  1. Hilarious!

    Hey look at that AAA billboard! It says we shouldn’t be driving distracted and looking at anything but the road!


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