When niche marketing works


Kudos to Wellcraft Marine for its new ad campaign stressing the rugged, he-man qualities of its target audience.

According to advertising website Adrants, the boat manufacturer’s four-piece print campaign “appeals to salty sea dogs by emphasizing the rugged freedom and independent nature of life on choppy water.”

Copy for the other three ads reads:

  • “Nothing tastes better than freshly outsmarted fish.”
  • “Bowlines moor boats to docks. Windsor knots moor men to desks.”
  • “You’ve never been seasick. Bet you’ve been landsick a few times though.”

Each features weathered-looking imagery, a Wellcraft logo and tagline, “The Boater’s Boat,” Adrants writes. The ads will appear in magazines like Boating Life and Pacific Coast Sport Fishing.

According to the Wellcraft press release, a Wellcraft boat buyer is a second-or third-time boat owner, more concerned with utility than frills, Adrants adds.

It’s nice to see a company that understands that trying to appeal to a wider audience (which in this case might include city slickers looking to don a captain’s hat or yuppies whose idea of “roughing it” is sleeping on a bed without a bottom sheet) can water down a brand, sometimes fatally.

The campaign was put together by The Republik.

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