Capitalism, Northern-style

A new Civil War is afoot, according to Karen De Coster, and this time it’s the UAW, partnering with the auto manufacturers, politicians, and media supporters of the domestic auto industry, who are waging warfare against the South.

Displaying the same lack of business sense that got them into the current morass, Northern auto interests refuse to acknowledge that the sea change underway in the industry will ultimately provide the best means of maximizing quality for customers and efficiency of production and profits for shareholders, De Coster writes at the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s website.

“Detroiters continue to embarrass themselves by placing the auto industry collapse into an us-versus-them framework. In the midst of all the whining and begging for a bailout, the South has been declared the new enemy, along with the foreign-car manufacturers who are producing cars — in Southern plants — that consumers want to buy,” she adds.

The bottom line: Dare to go against what’s best for Detroit and we’ll go after you like a pitbull. Is it any wonder the domestic auto industry is on the ropes?

The American auto industry and its enablers would do well to learn the words of Pogo Possum: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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