Lions management opts not to insult fans

Here’s a shocker: The Detroit Lions will not be raising ticket prices next year.

Amid a sagging economy and the worst record in league history, the Lions will even cut prices on some seats, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Bob Raymond, VP of business operations for Ford Field, where the Lions play, said it was safe to assume the club will not increase prices in 2009. “We’re just not in position to do that with, one, the economy, and two, the way the team has performed.”

Translation: if the economy was anything but moribund or the Lions hadn’t been utterly inept and posted the first 0-16 mark in league history, ticket holders would be looking at a price bump in 2009.

If the Lions really cared about their fans, they’d offer at least a partial refund to those fans who had to sit through this season’s abomination, or vow not to increase prices again until the team makes the playoffs.


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