Boll weevil on the run

The boll weevil, scourge of Southern farmers for decades, has apparently fallen on hard times. The Delta Farm Press reported last month that just three weevils found in Mississippi’s extensive network of insect traps over the past growing season.

That’s a far cry from years ago, when the boll weevil decimated cotton crops across the region, even after farmers began spraying for the pests.

“You could keep them from wiping you out, but you never could get rid of them,” one old-time Mississippi farmer recalled. “It wasn’t anything to walk out in a field and see 10 to 12 on a single bloom.”

And any bleeding-heart types out there who worry about the impact of the weevil’s erradication on the environment can always travel to Enterprise, Ala., to visit the Boll Weevil Monument.


4 thoughts on “Boll weevil on the run

  1. Oh, my. You REALLY need to revisit your link to Weevil Wonderland. It is no longer what it used to be–at least, it wasn’t when I linked a moment ago. You will enjoy the content–once you translate it. Unless, perhaps, you are already fluent in that tongue.

    Here is the Atlas Obscura link to the monument, should you wish to use it to replace your old one.

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